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Author: sgt-d (talk, contrib)

The technique described on this page can now be accomplished in NSIS 2 & 3 without using 3rd-party tools by using VIProductVersion and VIAddVersionKey


This example shows how you can seamlessly add Windows Version Info Tabsheets to all of your NSIS installer executables! You will need Resource Hacker: This script assumes that you have extracted Resource Hacker to: C:\Program Files\ResHack\ResHacker.exe Please download VIT.ZIP and read the readme.txt for all of the gory details!

The Script

VIT Code...

name "Version Info Tabsheets for NSIS"
outfile "vit.exe"
section vit
;edit the path for resource hacker as needed
;uncomment the !packhdr you want to use (default is automatic)
;once you get comfortable, replace vit.res (below) with your real version info *.res file.
;automatic mode (preferred)
!packhdr tmp.dat '"c:\program files\reshack\reshacker.exe" -addoverwrite tmp.dat, tmp.dat, vit.res, versioninfo,1,'
;manual mode
;!packhdr tmp.dat '"c:\program files\reshack\reshacker.exe" -add'
messagebox mb_ok `This EXE should now contain a Version Info Tabsheet!  If not, consult readme.txt.  To view it, click OK, then right click the EXE -> Properties -> Version Tab.`


Questions? Comments? BUG ME! Darren Winter / Sgt-D sgt-d at sodpit dot com

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