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Author: TeeWeTee (talk, contrib)


Version 0.3 (20. feb 2013) (69 KB) [Adapted version by TeeWeTee]
Version 0.2 (25 sep 2004) [Version by denis_gorbunov] (35 KB)

Release builds with VS2010 Premium (only older 0.2 release)

ANSI: Unicode:


With this plugin you are able to determine which version of windows you are running. Technically it is using the GetVersionEx() method from the "kernel32.dll".


  • check for a specific windows version:
    • IsWindows95
    • IsWindows98
    • IsWindowsME
    • IsWindowsNT351
    • IsWindowsNT40
    • IsWindows2000
    • IsWindowsXP
    • IsWindowsServer2003
    • IsWindowsXPx64
    • IsWindowsVista
    • IsWindowsServer2008
    • IsWindows7
    • IsWindowsServer2008R2
    • IsWindows8
    • IsWindowsServer2012
  • Call 'GetWindowsVersion' to get all relevant windows versioning infos:
    • major version
    • minor version
    • build number
    • platform id
    • service pack name
    • product type
  • Call platform methods to detect the windows platform type:
    • IsWindowsPlatformNT
    • IsWindowsPlatform9x

Usage Example

Name VersionExample
# Included files
!include Sections.nsh
!include "LogicLib.nsh"
OutFile "Example_Version_NSIS_plugin.exe"
#Declare variables
var isWindowsXP
var MajorVersion
var MinorVersion
var BuildNumber
var PlatformID
var CSDVersion
var ProductType 
Section -Nope
#Nothing to do here
Function .onInit
  #detect Windows XP
  #obtain value
  Pop $isWindowsXP
  ${if} $isWindowsXP == "1"
    MessageBox MB_OK "Its Windows XP!"
    MessageBox MB_OK "Its not Windows XP!"
  #call plugin dll function 

  Pop $MajorVersion
  Pop $MinorVersion
  Pop $BuildNumber
  Pop $PlatformID
  Pop $CSDVersion
  Pop $ProductType
  ${if} $ProductType == "1"
    MessageBox MB_OK "$PlatformID-platform, version $MajorVersion.$MinorVersion, build $BuildNumber, $CSDVersion, Workstation"
  ${ElseIf} $ProductType == "2"
    MessageBox MB_OK "$PlatformID-platform, version $MajorVersion.$MinorVersion, build $BuildNumber, $CSDVersion, DomainController"
  ${ElseIf} $ProductType == "3"
    MessageBox MB_OK "$PlatformID-platform, version $MajorVersion.$MinorVersion, build $BuildNumber, $CSDVersion, Server"
    MessageBox MB_OK "$PlatformID-platform, version $MajorVersion.$MinorVersion, build $BuildNumber, $CSDVersion, Unknown ProductType"

Version History

0.1 (03 sep 2004) (DNG)

  • First public release

0.2 (25 sep 2004) (DNG)

  • Implemented (proprietary) IntToStr-function since Delphi's SysUtils IntToStr requires more space (+ 24 kilobytes uncompressed)

0.3 (20 feb 2013) (TvT)

  • Bugfix: proprietary IntToStr method (from 0.2) is buggy: Returns '6.' instead of '6.0' for Windows Vista (same for W2K 5.0 or NT4.0) Thus using the well testet SysUtils IntToStr method is prefered over some kb in size
  • Added further methods for newer windows operating systems:
    • IsWindowsXPx64
    • IsWindowsVista
    • IsWindowsServer2008
    • IsWindows7
    • IsWindowsServer2008R2
    • IsWindows8
    • IsWindowsServer2012
  • The GetWindowsVersion() method returns the ProductType to be able to differentiate Server and Workstation windows versions
  • Removed inexisting (e.g. isWindows31) and useless (e.g. IsWindows98orLater) methods
  • Adapted the docs


Version 0.1 and 0.2 have been developed by Denis Gorbunov (
Version 0.3 was developed by TeeWeTee

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