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For NSIS versions below MUI2: (83 KB)

MUI2 based installer: (88 KB)


InstallSpiderUI forum thread

SimpleBg_plug-in designed for InstallSpiderUI.

SpiderBanner_plug-in designed for InstallSpiderUI.

InstallSpiderUI SS.png


The InstallSpider User Interface Version 2.0 is an installer interface that looks like the Windows 98/98 SE installer, or the InstallShield 5 installers in 1997-98. This was created purely for the older programs that do not have an installer. Everything you need is included in the .zip file (icons, images, examples, etc.).

There are now two versions available: One based on MUI2, and the original based on MUI 1.xx. I have included both on this page for completeness of versions. The script commands are the same for ISUI2, but the way the source code is organised has changed, hence the two versions.

Created by Jason Ross (JasonFriday13)

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