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There have been 3 firewall plugin for NSIS: Firewall-Disabler Plugin, NSIS Simple Firewall Plugin and NsisFirewall Plugin. But all of them has some shortcomings, so I just write one: liteFirewall. It's based on nsisFirewall. Thanks to it's author.


liteFirewall is based on nsisFirewall, and it also allows you to perform easily 2 tasks:

  • Add an application to Windows Firewall exception list
  • Remove an application from Windows Firewall exception list

The advantage of liteFirewall compared to nsisFirewall is it can automatically figure out the current profile of windows firewall, and add a corresponding rule for your application.


liteFirewall::AddRule "<application path>" "<rule name>"
liteFirewall::RemoveRule "<application path>" "<rule name>"

<application path>is the full path to the application you want to be authorized to access the network (or accept incoming connections). <rule name>is the title that will be given to this exception entry in the firewall control panel list.


 ; Add NOTEPAD to the authorized list
liteFirewall::AddRule "$WINDIR\Notepad.exe" "liteFirewall Test"
Pop $0
; Remove NOTEPAD from the authorized list
liteFirewall::RemoveRule "$WINDIR\Notepad.exe" "liteFirewall Test"
Pop $0


liteFirewall Plugin Homepage

ZIP archive contains the plug-in DLL as well as documentation, source code and sample script.

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