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Author: Afrow UK (talk, contrib)


Exe.gif NSIS Self-Extractor.exe (223 KB)


NSIS Self-Extractor is a cut-down version of NSIS's default installer system and dialogue

NSIS Self-Extractor introduces WinZip/WinRAR style Self-Extractors to the NSIS platform. The NSIS Self-Extractor kit allows you to generate Self-Extractors quickly and easily for those that don't want to use a full-blown installation wizard.

  • NSIS Self-Extractor kit comes with its own step-by-step script generator (DHTML) which just requires Internet Explorer 6 or later to run (and ActiveX enabled).
  • There is also a Zip To Self-Extractor program included which converts Zip's to NSIS Self-Extractors.
  • You'll also find a Dir To Self-Extractor program that transforms one or more directories into a NSIS Self-Extractor.
  • You can now also add password protection to your Self-Extractors.



If you have any suggestions, bug reports or need help please post in this forum topic.

-Stu (Afrow UK)

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