RecFind: Recursive FindFirst, FindNext, FindClose

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Author: Afrow UK (talk, contrib)


RecFind.nsh (3 KB) (right-click, Save As)


I have made these simple set of instructions to simplify recursive finding of files or directories on a system (currently all the NSIS scripts are pretty hard to understand for the average NSIS newbie).

It's basically the same as the standard FindFirst, FindNext and FindClose except that there is also a FindOpen. You also have a variable for the current found directory and the current found file.

Save to Include folder, then !include RecFind.nsh in your scripts.

Example of use

${RecFindOpen} "C:\Program Files\NSIS\Projects" $R0 $R1
 DetailPrint "Dir: $R0"
 DetailPrint "File: $R0\$R1"
 StrCmp $R1 "a_file.txt" Found


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